March 11, 2021

40. Tatyana Frost - “The Madness Effect”

Tatyana Frost is a writer and advocate for mental health and diversity in technology.  She’s currently working on her memoir about her experience with bipolar disorder.  She talks about growing up and the arc of her illness - going through extreme highs and lows, attempting to cope with suicidal depression, all while achieving academic and professional success. She speaks of being misunderstood and receiving a lack of family support on her initial efforts to get treatment and a diagnosis, as well as her own battle with feeling a stigma about being unwell or “crazy”.  She now draws on her background of championing diversity in science and technology, to become a mental health advocate.  She is sharing her story in a book “The Madness Effect” -  a title Tatyana has coined to refer to one’s ability to develop pride in their mental health journey.  

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